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Last Advisories
phpBB 3.2.3 - Remote Code Execution12-12-2019
Oracle Weblogic Server - Deserialization Remote Command Execution (Patch Bypass)25-10-2019
Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Device Manager - Cross-Site Request Forgery01-08-2019
Ultimate Loan Manager 2.0 - Cross-Site Scripting01-08-2019
WebIncorp ERP - SQL injection01-08-2019
Oracle Hyperion Planning - XML External Entity31-07-2019
macOS / iOS JavaScriptCore - JSValue Use-After-Free in ValueProfiles30-07-2019
macOS / iOS NSKeyedUnarchiver - Use-After-Free of ObjC Objects when Unarchiving OITSUIntDictionary Instances30-07-2019
iMessage - NSArray Deserialization can Invoke Subclass that does not Retain References30-07-2019
iMessage - NSKeyedUnarchiver Deserialization Allows file Backed NSData Objects30-07-2019
macOS / iOS JavaScriptCore - Loop-Invariant Code Motion (LICM) Leaves Object Property Access Unguarded30-07-2019
Redis 4.x / 5.x - Unauthenticated Code Execution (Metasploit)30-07-2019
iMessage - Memory Corruption when Decoding NSKnownKeysDictionary130-07-2019
Amcrest Cameras 2.520.AC00.18.R - Unauthenticated Audio Streaming30-07-2019
GigToDo 1.3 - Cross-Site Scripting29-07-2019
Schneider Electric Pelco Endura NET55XX Encoder - Authentication Bypass (Metasploit)29-07-2019
WordPress Plugin Simple Membership 3.8.4 - Cross-Site Request Forgery29-07-2019
WordPress Theme Real Estate 2.8.9 - Cross-Site Scripting29-07-2019
WordPress Plugin Database Backup < 5.2 - Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)29-07-2019
pdfresurrect 0.15 - Buffer Overflow26-07-2019
Ahsay Backup 7.x - - Authenticated Arbitrary File Upload / Remote Code Execution26-07-2019
Ahsay Backup 7.x - - Authenticated Arbitrary File Upload / Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)26-07-2019
Ahsay Backup 7.x - - XML External Entity Injection26-07-2019
Moodle Filepicker 3.5.2 - Server Side Request Forgery26-07-2019
Microsoft Windows 7 build 7601 (x86) - Local Privilege Escalation26-07-2019
WebKit - Universal Cross-Site Scripting due to Synchronous Page Loads25-07-2019
Ovidentia 8.4.3 - SQL Injection25-07-2019
Ovidentia 8.4.3 - Cross-Site Scripting25-07-2019
Apple iMessage - DigitalTouch tap Message Processing Out-of-Bounds Read24-07-2019
Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector IDS - Security Bypass24-07-2019