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Last Advisories
Axessh 4.2 - 'Log file name' Local Stack-based Buffer Overflow24-05-2019
Apple Mac OS X - Feedback Assistant Race Condition (Metasploit)23-05-2019
NetAware 1.20 - 'Add Block' Denial of Service (PoC)23-05-2019
Visual Voicemail for iPhone - IMAP NAMESPACE Processing Use-After-Free23-05-2019
Shopware - createInstanceFromNamedArguments PHP Object Instantiation Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)23-05-2019
Microsoft Windows 10 (17763.379) - Install DLL23-05-2019
Linux/x64 - Execve(/bin/sh) Shellcode (23 bytes)23-05-2019
NetAware 1.20 - 'Share Name' Denial of Service (PoC)23-05-2019
Nagios XI 5.6.1 - SQL injection23-05-2019
Microsoft Windows 10 1809 - 'CmKeyBodyRemapToVirtualForEnum' Arbitrary Key Enumeration Privilege Escalation23-05-2019
Terminal Services Manager 3.2.1 - Denial of Service23-05-2019
Microsoft Windows - AppX Deployment Service Local Privilege Escalation (2)23-05-2019
AUO Solar Data Recorder < 1.3.0 - 'addr' Cross-Site Scripting22-05-2019
Carel pCOWeb < B1.2.1 - Cross-Site Scripting22-05-2019
Microsoft Windows (x84) - Task Scheduler' .job' Import Arbitrary Discretionary Access Control List Write / Local Privilege Escalation22-05-2019
BlueStacks - Denial of Service (PoC)22-05-2019
Carel pCOWeb < B1.2.1 - Credentials Disclosure22-05-2019
RarmaRadio 2.72.3 - 'Username' Denial of Service (PoC)22-05-2019
Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 9.3 - Cross-Site Scripting22-05-2019
Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus < 10.5 - Improper Access Restrictions22-05-2019
RarmaRadio 2.72.3 - 'Server' Denial of Service (PoC)22-05-2019
Microsoft Windows (x84/x64) - 'Error Reporting' Discretionary Access Control List / Local Privilege Escalation22-05-2019
TapinRadio 2.11.6 - 'Uername' Denial of Service (PoC)22-05-2019
Horde Webmail 5.2.22 - Multiple Vulnerabilities22-05-2019
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 - Sandbox Escape22-05-2019
TapinRadio 2.11.6 - 'Address' Denial of Service (PoC)22-05-2019
Deluge 1.3.15 - 'URL' Denial of Service (PoC)21-05-2019
macOS < 10.14.5 / iOS < 12.3 XNU - Wild-read due to bad cast in stf_ioctl21-05-2019
TP-LINK TL-WR840N v5 00000005 - Cross-Site Scripting21-05-2019
Oracle CTI Web Service - 'EBS_ASSET_HISTORY_OPERATIONS' XML Entity Injection21-05-2019