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Last Advisories
WordPress Plugin WPHRM - SQL Injection29-10-2017
SmarterStats 11.3.6347 - Cross-Site Scripting27-10-2017
Unitrends UEB 9 - http api/storage Remote Root (Metasploit)23-10-2017
Kaltura <= 13.1.0 - Remote Code Execution23-10-2017
Linux Kernel 4.14.0-rc4+ - 'waitid()' Privilege Escalation22-10-2017
CometChat < 6.2.0 BETA 1 - Local File Inclusion22-10-2017
ArGoSoft Mini Mail Server - Denial of Service21-10-2017
Ayukov NFTP FTP Client <= 2.0 - Buffer Overflow21-10-2017
Mozilla Firefox < 55 - Denial of Service20-10-2017
Microsoft Game Definition File Editor 6.3.9600 - XML External Entity Injection19-10-2017
Linksys E Series - Multiple Vulnerabilities18-10-2017
Xen - Unbounded Recursion in Pagetable De-typing18-10-2017
Afian AB FileRun 2017.03.18 - Multiple Vulnerabilities18-10-2017
Check_MK 1.2.8p25 - Information Disclosure18-10-2017
OpenText Documentum Content Server - Arbitrary File Download17-10-2017
Career Portal 1.0 - SQL Injection17-10-2017
OpenText Documentum Content Server - Arbitrary File Download Privilege Escalation17-10-2017
Shadowsocks - Log File Command Execution17-10-2017
OpenText Documentum Content Server - dmr_content Privilege Escalation17-10-2017
Apple iOS 10.2 (14C92) - Remote Code Execution17-10-2017
Linux Kernel - 'AF_PACKET' Use-After-Free17-10-2017
Microsoft Windows - 'nt!NtQueryObject (ObjectNameInformation)' Kernel Pool Memory Disclosure17-10-2017
OpenText Documentum Content Server - Privilege Escalation17-10-2017
shadowsocks-libev 3.1.0 - Command Execution17-10-2017
Wordpress Plugin Car Park Booking - SQL Injection17-10-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - Accesses to Uninitialized Pointers in 'StackScriptFunction::BoxState::Box'17-10-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - Incorrect GenerateBailOut Calling Patterns17-10-2017
Microsoft Windows 10 - WLDP/MSHTML CLSID UMCI Bypass17-10-2017
Apache Solr 7.0.1 - XML External Entity Expansion / Remote Code Execution17-10-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - 'RegexHelper::StringReplace' Must Call the Callback Function with Updating ImplicitCallFlags17-10-2017