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Last Advisories
Meinberg LANTIME Web Configuration Utility 6.16.008 - Arbitrary File Read13-12-2017
Resume Clone Script 2.0.5 - SQL Injection11-12-2017
PHP Multivendor Ecommerce 1.0 - 'sid' / 'searchcat' / 'chid1' SQL Injection11-12-2017
Abyss Web Server < 2.11.6 - Heap Memory Corruption01-12-2017
Artica Web Proxy 3.06 - Remote Code Execution01-12-2017
MistServer 2.12 - Cross-Site Scripting01-12-2017
macOS High Sierra - Root Privilege Escalation (Metasploit)30-11-2017
Jobs2Careers / Coroflot Clone - SQL Injection30-11-2017
Linux Kernel - 'The Huge Dirty Cow' Overwriting The Huge Zero Page30-11-2017
QEMU - NBD Server Long Export Name Stack Buffer Overflow29-11-2017
pfSense - Authenticated Group Member RCE (Metasploit)29-11-2017
Synology StorageManager 5.2 - Remote Root Command Execution28-11-2017
Android Gmail < - Directory Traversal in Attachment Download28-11-2017
WordPress Plugin WooCommerce 2.0/3.0 - Directory Traversal28-11-2017
Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update (version 1703) (x86) - 'WARBIRD' 'NtQuerySystemInformation ' Kernel Local Privilege Escalation27-11-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - 'Inline::InlineCallApplyTarget_Shared' does not Return the return Instruction27-11-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - 'BailOutOnTaggedValue' Bailouts Type Confusion27-11-2017
Exim 4.89 - 'BDAT' Denial of Service27-11-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - Incorrect Function Declaration Scope27-11-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - 'GlobOpt::OptTagChecks' Must Consider IsLoopPrePass Properly27-11-2017
Diving Log 6.0 - XML External Entity Injection27-11-2017
ZTE ZXDSL 831CII - Improper Access Restrictions27-11-2017
ALLPlayer 7.5 - Local Buffer Overflow (SEH Unicode)25-11-2017
Linux - 'mincore()' Uninitialized Kernel Heap Page Disclosure24-11-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::SVGPatternElement::collectPatternAttributes' Out-of-Bounds Read22-11-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::Style::TreeResolver::styleForElement' Use-After-Free22-11-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::AXObjectCache::performDeferredCacheUpdate' Use-After-Free22-11-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::RenderText::localCaretRect' Out-of-Bounds Read22-11-2017
WebKit - 'WebCore::SimpleLineLayout::RunResolver::runForPoint' Out-of-Bounds Read22-11-2017