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Last Advisories
iOS < 11.1 / tvOS < 11.1 / watchOS < 4.1 - Denial of Service20-11-2017
Zeta Components Mail 1.8.1 - Remote Code Execution16-11-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - Type Confusion with switch Statements16-11-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra: JIT - 'OP_Memset' Type Confusion16-11-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra: JIT - 'Lowerer::LowerBoundCheck' Incorrect Integer Overflow Check16-11-2017
Microsoft Edge - 'Object.setPrototypeOf' Memory Corruption16-11-2017
Vonage VDV23 - Cross-Site Scripting16-11-2017
LanSweeper - Cross-Site Scripting16-11-2017
TP-Link TL-WR740N - Cross-Site Scripting16-11-2017
VX Search 10.2.14 - 'Proxy' Buffer Overflow (SEH)16-11-2017
D-Link DIR605L - Denial of Service14-11-2017
D-Link DIR-850L - Unauthenticated OS Command Execution (Metasploit)14-11-2017
PSFTPd Windows FTP Server 10.0.4 Build 729 - Log Injection / Use-After-Free14-11-2017
Dup Scout Enterprise 10.0.18 - 'Login' Buffer Overflow14-11-2017
Ulterius Server < - Directory Traversal13-11-2017
Kirby CMS < 2.5.7 - Cross-Site Scripting13-11-2017
IKARUS anti.virus 2.16.7 - 'ntguard_x64' Privilege Escalation13-11-2017
Web Viewer (Samsung SRN-1670D) - Unrestricted File Upload13-11-2017
Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 - Tamper-Protection Bypass10-11-2017
pfSense 2.3.1_1 - Command Execution07-11-2017
ManageEngine Applications Manager 13 - SQL Injection07-11-2017
CMS Website by Webmonster.gr - SQL Injection07-11-2017
CMS Developed by Galcode - SQL Injection07-11-2017
Xlight FTP Server - Buffer Overflow (PoC)07-11-2017
Linux Kernel 4.13 (Ubuntu 17.10) - 'waitid()' SMEP/SMAP Privilege Escalation06-11-2017
Oyabunstyle.de CMS SQL Injection06-11-2017
SMPlayer 17.11.0 - '.m3u' Buffer Overflow (PoC)05-11-2017
Avaya OfficeScan (IPO) < 10.1 - 'SoftConsole' Buffer Overflow (SEH)05-11-2017
Avaya OfficeScan (IPO) < 10.1 - ActiveX Buffer Overflow05-11-2017
Actiontec C1000A Modem - Backdoor Account04-11-2017