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Last Advisories
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - 'NewScObjectNoCtor' Array Type Confusion15-02-2018
Pdfium - Pattern Shading Integer Overflows15-02-2018
Chrome V8 - 'Runtime_RegExpReplace' Integer Overflow15-02-2018
Pdfium - Out-of-Bounds Read with Shading Pattern Backed by Pattern Colorspace15-02-2018
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - Memory Corruption15-02-2018
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - Array Type Confusion via InitProto Instructions15-02-2018
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - ImplicitCallFlags Checks Bypass15-02-2018
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - 'GlobOpt::OptTagChecks' Must Consider IsLoopPrePass Properly (2)15-02-2018
Dell EMC Isilon OneFS - Multiple Vulnerabilities14-02-2018
userSpice 4.3 - Cross-Site Scripting14-02-2018
SOA School Management - 'access_login' SQL Injection14-02-2018
GNU binutils 2.26.1 - Integer Overflow (POC)14-02-2018
Social Oauth Login PHP - Authentication Bypass14-02-2018
NAT32 2.2 Build 22284 - Cross-Site Request Forgery14-02-2018
NAT32 2.2 Build 22284 - Remote Command Execution14-02-2018
News Website Script 2.0.4 - 'search' SQL Injection13-02-2018
Advantech WebAccess 8.3.0 - Remote Code Execution13-02-2018
TypeSetter CMS 5.1 - Cross-Site Request Forgery13-02-2018
TypeSetter CMS 5.1 - 'Host' Header Injection13-02-2018
CloudMe Sync < 1.11.0 - Buffer Overflow13-02-2018
reserved by SOFTMAN Admin panel bypass12-02-2018
Developed by: EDCP login.asp bypass12-02-2018
glibc - '$ORIGIN' Expansion Privilege Escalation (Metasploit)12-02-2018
Juju-run Agent - Privilege Escalation (Metasploit)12-02-2018
glibc - LD_AUDIT Arbitrary DSO Load Privilege Escalation (Metasploit)12-02-2018
LogicalDOC Enterprise 7.7.4 - Root Remote Code Execution12-02-2018
web design by weio Admin panel bypass12-02-2018
LogicalDOC Enterprise 7.7.4 - User Enumeration12-02-2018
LogicalDOC Enterprise 7.7.4 - Directory Traversal12-02-2018
Paypal Clone Script 1.0.9 - 'id' / 'acctype' SQL Injection11-02-2018