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Last Advisories
Joomla! Component Zap Calendar Lite 4.3.4 - SQL Injection18-08-2017
MessengerScan 1.05 - Local Buffer Overflow (PoC)18-08-2017
Joomla! Component Calendar Planner 1.0.1 - SQL Injection18-08-2017
LiveCRM 1.0 - SQL Injection18-08-2017
QuantaStor Software Defined Storage < 4.3.1 - Multiple Vulnerabilities18-08-2017
Matrimony Script 2.7 - SQL Injection18-08-2017
Mozilla Firefox < 45.0 - 'nsHtml5TreeBuilder' Use-After-Free (EMET 5.52 Bypass)18-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'EmitNew' Integer Overflow17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'JavascriptArray::ConcatArgs' Type Confusion17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge 40.15063.0.0 Chakra - Incorrect JIT Optimization with TypedArray Setter #317-08-2017
Adobe Flash - Invoke Accesses Trait Out-of-Bounds17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge - Out-of-Bounds Access when Fetching Source17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'JavascriptFunction::EntryCall' Fails to Handle 'CallInfo' Properly17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - Uninitialized Arguments17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - Uninitialized Arguments (2)17-08-2017
Photogallery Project 1.0 - SQL Injection17-08-2017
Doctor Patient Project 1.0 - SQL Injection17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - Buffer Overflow17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'EmitAssignment' uses the 'this' Register Without Initializing17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - Incorrect JIT Optimization with TypedArray Setter #217-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - Incorrect Usage of 'PushPopFrameHelper' in 'InterpreterStackFrame::ProcessLinkFailedAsmJsModule'17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'chakra!Js::GlobalObject' Integer overflow17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'PreVisitCatch' Missing Call17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'InterpreterStackFrame::ProcessLinkFailedAsmJsModule' Incorrectly Re-parses17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - NULL Pointer Dereference17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - Heap Buffer Overflow17-08-2017
Online Quiz Project 1.0 - SQL Injection17-08-2017
Microsoft Edge Chakra - Incorrect Usage of 'TryUndeleteProperty'17-08-2017
Linux/x86-64 - Reverse Shell ( Shellcode (153 bytes)17-08-2017
MyDoomScanner 1.00 - Local Buffer Overflow (PoC)17-08-2017