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Last Advisories
Qmail SMTP - Bash Environment Variable Injection (Metasploit)02-10-2017
OpenText Document Sciences xPression 4.5SP1 Patch 13 - 'jobRunId' SQL Injection02-10-2017
Dnsmasq < 2.78 - 2-byte Heap-Based Overflow02-10-2017
UCOPIA Wireless Appliance < 5.1 (Captive Portal) - Unauthenticated Root Remote Code Execution02-10-2017
UCOPIA Wireless Appliance < 5.1.8 - Privilege Escalation02-10-2017
phpCollab 2.5.1 - SQL Injection02-10-2017
UCOPIA Wireless Appliance < 5.1.8 - Restricted Shell Escape02-10-2017
phpCollab 2.5.1 - Arbitrary File Upload02-10-2017
NPM-V (Network Power Manager) 2.4.1 - Password Reset02-10-2017
Linux Kernel < 4.14.rc3 - Local Denial of Service02-10-2017
Sync Breeze Enterprise 10.0.28 - Buffer Overflow30-09-2017
Microsoft Excel - OLE Arbitrary Code Execution30-09-2017
ConverTo Video Downloader & Converter 1.4.1 - Arbitrary File Download29-09-2017
FileRun <= 2017.09.18 - SQL Injection29-09-2017
Trend Micro OfficeScan 11.0/XG (12.0) - Memory Corruption29-09-2017
Real Estate MLM plan script 1.0 - 'srch' Parameter SQL Injection28-09-2017
PHP Multi Vendor Script 1.02 - 'sid' Parameter SQL Injection28-09-2017
Roteador Wireless Intelbras WRN150 - Autentication Bypass28-09-2017
Microsoft Office Groove - 'Workspace Shortcut' Arbitrary Code Execution28-09-2017
DiskBoss Enterprise 8.4.16 - 'Import Command' Buffer Overflow28-09-2017
Easy Blog PHP Script 1.3a - 'id' Parameter SQL Injection28-09-2017
DiskBoss Enterprise 8.4.16 - Local Buffer Overflow (PoC)28-09-2017
Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning < 12.1 - Authentication Bypass / Remote Code Execution27-09-2017
LAquis SCADA - Directory Traversal (Metasploit)27-09-2017
NETGEAR ReadyNAS Surveillance 1.4.3-16 - Remote Command Execution27-09-2017
NodeJS Debugger - Command Injection (Metasploit)26-09-2017
Supervisor 3.0a1 - 3.3.2 - XML-RPC Authenticated Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)25-09-2017
Disk Pulse Enterprise 10.0.12 - GET Buffer Overflow (SEH)25-09-2017
FLIR Thermal Camera F/FC/PT/D - SSH Backdoor25-09-2017
FLIR Thermal Camera F/FC/PT/D - Stream Disclosure25-09-2017