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Last Advisories
Joomla! Component Easydiscuss < 4.0.21 - Cross-Site Scripting10-01-2018
WordPress Plugin Social Media Widget by Acurax 3.2.5 - Cross-Site Request Forgery10-01-2018
WordPress Plugin WordPress Download Manager 2.9.60 - Cross-Site Request Forgery10-01-2018
WordPress Plugin Admin Menu Tree Page View 2.6.9 - Cross-Site Request Forgery / Privilege Escalation10-01-2018
WordPress Plugin CMS Tree Page View 1.4 - Cross-Site Request Forgery / Privilege Escalation10-01-2018
Parity Browser < 1.6.10 - Bypass Same Origin Policy10-01-2018
D-Link Routers 110/412/615/815 < 1.03 - 'service.cgi' Arbitrary Code Execution10-01-2018
WordPress Plugin Events Calendar - 'event_id' SQL Injection10-01-2018
DiskBoss Enterprise 8.8.16 - Buffer Overflow10-01-2018
Muviko 1.1 - SQL Injection10-01-2018
SAP NetWeaver J2EE Engine 7.40 - SQL Injection10-01-2018
Worpress Plugin Service Finder Booking < 3.2 - Local File Disclosure10-01-2018
Linux/x86 - execve /bin/dash Shellcode (30 bytes)10-01-2018
Synology Photostation 6.7.2-3429 - Remote Code Execution (Metasploit)10-01-2018
Jungo Windriver 12.5.1 - Privilege Escalation10-01-2018
Commvault Communications Service (cvd) - Command Injection (Metasploit)09-01-2018
Microsoft Windows - 'nt!NtQueryInformationProcess (information class 76, QueryProcessEnergyValues)' Kernel Stack Memory Disclosure09-01-2018
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - Escape Analysis Bug09-01-2018
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - Op_MaxInAnArray and Op_MinInAnArray can Explicitly call User-Defined JavaScript Functions09-01-2018
Microsoft Edge Chakra - 'asm.js' Out-of-Bounds Read09-01-2018
Microsoft Windows - 'nt!NtQuerySystemInformation (information class 138, QueryMemoryTopologyInformation)' Kernel Pool Memory Disclosure09-01-2018
Microsoft Edge Chakra JIT - BackwardPass::RemoveEmptyLoopAfterMemOp Does not Insert Branches09-01-2018
Synology Photostation < 6.7.2-3429 - Multiple Vulnerabilities08-01-2018
Microsoft Windows - Local XPS Print Spooler Sandbox Escape08-01-2018
Android - Inter-Process munmap due to Race Condition in ashmem08-01-2018
Vanilla < 2.1.5 - Cross-Site Request Forgery08-01-2018
FiberHome LM53Q1 - Multiple Vulnerabilities08-01-2018
WordPress Plugin LearnDash 2.5.3 - Arbitrary File Upload08-01-2018
SonicWall NSA 6600/5600/4600/3600/2600/250M - Multiple Vulnerabilities08-01-2018
BarcodeWiz ActiveX Control < 6.7 - Buffer Overflow08-01-2018